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LifeStraw's Home Pitchers and Dispensers Are 20% Off

Sep 23, 2023

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LifeStraw's at-home pitchers and dispensers may be the best Brita alternative, especially at 20 percent off.

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If you're a frequent camper or hiker, you're probably familiar with LifeStraw's life-saving water filtration tech. We mostly know the brand for its portable straw, called the LifeStraw, that filters out bacteria, parasites, microplastics and more, allowing you to drink directly from a water source. But even if you aren't hitting the trails, you probably want your everyday drinking water to be free of those things too. Enter LifeStraw's home pitchers and dispensers. Ranging in capacity from 7 to 18 cups, the brand's home products are also currently on sale for 20 percent off.

Both the dispenser and pitchers have a membrane microfilter (which will last about a year) and carbon filter (that needs to be replaced every two months), and LifeStraw claims it has the only pitcher/dispenser on the market that filters out bacteria and parasites. Additionally, the filters also decrease lead, mercury, chemicals, pesticides, microplastics, dirt and more in your water. (For reference, the popular water filter brand Brita only targets chlorine, mercury, cadmium, copper and zinc in its standard filter.) And from an aesthetic standpoint, LifeStraw's pitchers are available in multiple colors in both plastic and glass, and the plastic dispenser (available in four colors) sports a relatively slim design that's perfect for saving valuable shelf space in your fridge.

Whether you're a loyal LifeStraw user on the trail or you're just looking to improve your water quality, don't sleep on the brand's at-home water filters. You obviously can't put a price on your own water quality, but the 20 percent discount makes it just that much more enticing.