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Kitten with glass jar stuck on its head rescued in Fall River

Sep 08, 2023

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A kitten found with a jar stuck on its head was rescued in Fall River, the Animal Rescue League of Boston said.

The six-month-old kitten, now named Buzz Lightyear, was spotted along Danforth Street by a resident who has been monitoring and feeding cats in the area. The resident contacted Fall River Animal Control, who alerted ARL's Field Services team.

Upon arrival, the kitten was seen wandering along the roadway, and while it took a bit of time, Buzz was eventually captured by the use of a drop trap.

Since the kitten could not smell food because of the jar on its head, officials lured its siblings into a trap with food, and Buzz followed.

Once secured, ARL's Field Services agents were able to handle the kitten and remove the glass jar, and took Buzz to ARL's Dedham Animal Care and Adoption Center.

The kitten was dirty from living on the streets, but she was determined to be in good health. The kitten was given vaccines and spayed.

"Buzz has settled into her new surroundings, however, because she is still learning to trust humans, she will need time for ARL staff and volunteers to help socialize the young cat, and she is not yet available for adoption," the ARL said.

Additionally, the ARL said while rescuing the kitten, they identified a previously unknown cat colony, and will begin trapping the other cats in the colony to provide medical treatment, spay/neuter surgery, and assess behavior to possibly place other cats from the colony into homes.