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I Tried an Alligator Burger for the First Time in Louisville

Aug 16, 2023

I love to travel. I also love food. A dangerous combination. Whenever I travel I try to seek out things I can't typically get in the northwest. My friends and I were recommended a place that had great burgers. Grind Burger Kitchen seemed like the place to be for food and drinks. Though I'm not much for burgers they always have other things on the menu.

On the other hand, one of the items stood out to me. It was an Alligator Burger.

Though outlawed in California, alligator meat is something you can eat most anywhere else and is featured on some menus, mostly in the south.

My friend asked what it was. The server, without missing a beat, replied, "It's exactly what it sounds like it is."

Well, I can't decline that! Let's try an Alligator Burger for the first time.

This Alligator Burger consists of a gator patty, crawfish and even a lemony sauce. What's not to love?

Upon first bite, it tasted familiar. Not like chicken as you may imagine, but maybe a little like something I've had before. I was almost thinking it may be a little like frog legs which I have had, but it was nothing like that.

A shared a bite with my friends so they could say they tried it, too, and one of them mentioned it was a little like a turkey burger. It was about that same style of texture.

Yeah, it's alligator so it's not meant to be super juicy like a cheeseburger may be, but it doesn't need to be. It's alligator. All the other ingredients beautifully layered made this a fun treat for a dude like me from the northwest.

And the roasted brussel sprouts where amazing as well, thanks for asking.