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Enhance your environment with the best terrarium kits

Jul 15, 2023

Enhance your environment with the best terrarium kits

by: Erica Redding, BestReviews Staff

Posted: Jun 5, 2023 / 08:56 AM CDT

Updated: Jun 5, 2023 / 09:02 AM CDT


If you want to introduce a zen vibe into your home, consider a terrarium. Terrariums are an easy, natural way to enjoy more plants in your life, and according to the National Institutes of Health, they can even benefit your overall health. Soothing effects from indoor plants are reported to support your body both psychologically and physiologically. The best terrarium kits are easy to acquire, assemble and enjoy.

There are two types of terrariums, open and closed. They are made of glass, wood, or plastic and come in many designs. You can also use or purchase terrariums made from recycled materials.

Open-style terrariums allow air to flow through constantly. They are created for dry-weather plants like air plants, succulents and cactuses. These plants need plenty of air and less water compared to other plants. Open planters also let the sun directly hit the plants to give them the maximum impact they need.

Tropical Terrarium Kit

This kit is open and can also hang suspended from a stand or ceiling. It includes seeds and everything you need to support their growth.

Sold by Amazon

The most commonly used terrariums, closed planters have a door, cap or other enclosure for your plants. This allows humidity to build inside your miniature greenhouse, keeping your plants warm and nurtured. They require minimal effort to maintain, and some are even self-sustainable.

Not all terrarium kits include seeds. Some planter kits do not include plants but come with all of the other materials you need. Kits can include the full habitat for your plant and you can also get decorative kits to spruce up your terrarium.

Some modern containers include an enclosure made from wood, glass, brass and other sturdy materials that encourage plant growth. You can find planter kits that stand, hang or can be attached to a wall.

XXXFlower Plant Terrarium

Though less of a terrarium and more of a hydroponic planter, this unique wooden stand has three containers for cut flowers or rooted plants. It is easy to assemble and can be placed indoors or outdoors.

Sold by Amazon

This kit style doesn't include the plant or the terrarium container but has most of what you’ll need to provide a supportive environment for your plants. Typical items included are soil, pebbles, decorations and other earthy items.

Terragreen Creations Succulent Planter Kit

This earth-only kit includes supplies to fill your terrarium. It has pebbles, moss, gravel and several other supplies to help you get started.

Sold by Amazon

Dish-style terrarium kits are entirely open terrariums that allow air to flow easily through a large hole at the top. Dishes can be very shallow or deep, depending on the style of plant you are keeping in it. Kits generally include the dish, soil and various other supportive supplies.

LaurelGreen Terrarium Kit

This kit contains all of the supplies you’ll need to grow and sustain a mini garden. It includes soil, moss, gravel, chia seeds, activated charcoal and pebbles that can be placed inside the included globe.

Sold by Amazon

This style of terrarium is intended to house small reptiles and amphibians. It comes with everything to provide a small animal with an earthy home. Research any plants that you would like to keep with your reptile to be sure they can share an environment.

Zilla Tropical Reptile Starter Kit

This reptile starter kit comes with everything you ended to start a home for smaller lizards, snakes or other reptiles. Some of the items included are a foam rock-like background, halogen dome and bulb, coconut husk bedding and a humidity and temperature gauge.

Sold by Amazon

Some kits include everything you need for a terrarium in one package. These provide the container, soil, plants, and instructions. Many terrarium kits are easy to assemble and get started. Once plants emerge, they are simple to maintain and often require little upkeep.

This style of terrarium comes in both open and closed forms. They can be hung from your ceiling or wall, safely housing your plant while decorating your home. Some hanging planters come with their own stand to hold them upright. However, many planters are made of glass and should be placed in a safe area where they cannot be easily broken.

Creations by Nathalie Hanging Glass Terrarium

This is a full terrarium kit that includes live succulents. The company recommends tending to the plants immediately upon arrival to help keep them healthy.

Sold by Amazon

Terrariums for kids are easy to assemble and grow. This terrarium style should include child-safe supplies and take little effort to maintain. They are typically brightly colored and can double as a peaceful night light for your child.

Dino Island Terrarium

This terrarium kit contains everything needed to grow plants. It is customizable and includes a dome, soil, seeds, rocks and crystals. It also comes with dinosaur decorations, along with paint and brushes to decorate them.

Sold by Amazon

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