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6 Ways To Add Value To Your Kitchen

Aug 04, 2023

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From a functional island to layered lighting...

From upgrading worktops to intuitive storage solutions, when it comes to adding value to your kitchen there are a few additional features that can really help to enhance your space.

And as we spend a substantial amount of time in our kitchens, it's a space you'll also want to invest in for the long term – even if you’re not currently planning to sell your home. 'A brand new kitchen is thought to add around four per cent to the price of your property if done well, with some properties seeing a figure of closer to 10 per cent depending on the type of renovation and the location of the property,' say the experts at Yopa.

On that note, Al Bruce, founder of Olive & Barr, shares six ways you can add value in the kitchen.

There's nothing wrong in tapping into the hottest kitchen trends of the year, but when designing your kitchen, think about whether the trend personally appeals to you and your style before investing in certain design features.

'A neutral colour palette, whether that's creams and greys or dark blues paired with wooden countertops have the broadest appeal and therefore will continue to remain popular for years to come,' says Al. 'Not only this, but neutral cabinetry is extremely versatile and will complement a variety of different design styles, allowing the space to easily be re-worked to suit a variety of different personalities.'

We could reel off a long list of benefits for having a kitchen island (if space allows), most notably creating a definitive central point and a social hub for working, cooking, eating and relaxing. Not just visually appealing but the kitchen island holds many functional benefits.

'From adding extra worktop space to offering additional seating, a multi-functional island has become the must-have feature for one reason; they provide a simple solution to every kitchen's needs,' Al explains. 'The trick is to add practicality to your island, whether that's with in-built storage, a farmhouse sink or even extra cupboard space to house additional appliances, as well as a dedicated preparation area that can also be used for working and entertaining.'

We're always talking about maximising storage space, which is an absolute must in a kitchen – you really need to utilise every bit of available space. 'To store utensils and make use of otherwise wasted space, install magnetic strips between your wall and base cabinets,' Al suggests. 'Or, add a spice rack to the back of your cabinet door and use storage baskets and containers to utilise both under-sink and cupboard storage – whatever you can do to your kitchen to improve its storage offering will add value.'

The most important element in interior design is good, layered lighting, and in the kitchen, the right lighting will allow you to highlight all the best features, all whilst enhancing functionality. 'Consider adding concealed spotlights beneath your upper cabinets to make meal preparation safer and easier, or statement lights above a central island to control the ambience,' Al suggests.

Laminate, marble, granite, quartz. . . the options are endless when it comes to choosing the perfect kitchen worktop, but it's an important one to make as you'll be using the worktop daily and cleaning it regularly.

Al recommends upgrading to a hardwearing natural stone, like quartz, to future-proof your space: 'Resistant to stains, heat and scratches, quartz not only looks good but it's perfect for busy lifestyles and those who enjoy to entertain. For an added touch of luxury, opt for a premium quartz such as Venatino.'

No doubt essential for a practical and more efficient kitchen, high-quality appliances will add a premium feel to your space, ideal for achieving that luxury kitchen look.

'From dual purpose taps that provide hot, cold, and boiling water on demand to smart fridge-freezers with intuitive controls, by installing the latest appliances you will create an ergonomic kitchen that will not only make your life easier but if you choose to sell, attract potential buyers too,' Al says.

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From upgrading worktops to intuitive storage solutions, when it comes to adding value to your kitchen there are a few additional features that can really help to enhance your space. 1. Go timeless painted in and by Farrow & Ball . Lighting 5. Invest in a hardwearing worktop 6. State-of-the-art appliances Follow House Beautiful on TikTok and Instagram .